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All Cleaning for a Reason program openings are currently filled, but you can apply online here for future help!

 CleanSpace One - a Swiss satellite to tackle space junk. Interesting! 
See short YouTube video here!

8 Germiest Places in Mall - Sure, we know restroom sinks, food court tables - but what else?  Protect yourself and your family.  Read CNN story here.

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We encourage all our competitors to join us in supporting the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation so we can provide even more free cleaning to cancer patients!

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Priorities - are yours right?

With all the busyness of getting the summer started, make sure you focus on your most critical priorities.If you're like us, we have a lot of higher priorities than cleaning house - things like family, learning new things, reducing stress, etc.  We can help give you more time for the truly important things in your life by getting your house cleaning chores done!


Our Reasons for Cleaning

Your Time - Your kids are growing up - are you missing it?  Your aging parent needs your help - are you available for them?  You just need some time to relax and get rid of some stress.  That's one of the main reasons we are in business - to provide people with more time for the things that are important to them.

Supporting the Community - As a law abiding business, we pay property and sales tax that support our community.  We pay unemployment, social security and welfare taxes to our government.  Many of our employees are single moms who are working hard to support their family.  This supports the community we all share.  In addition, we support programs that provide cleaning for those in need and discounted services to local non-profit organizations.  You truly are helping your community when you do business with Towers Elite Service!


Celebrating 10 Years In Business!

Thanks to our Customers for continuing to allow us to earn their business!  We owe our success to the wonderful employees who make our company what it is.