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Can I customize my cleaning service?

Why do you need to do the "Initial Deep Cleans"?

Why do the first two cleanings cost more?

My home has been cleaned by a professional maid.  Will the initial cleanings still be required?

How do you care for natural stone, like marble and granite?

Do you do specialized work, like cleaning windows or ironing?

Can I substitute one chore for another at the time of service?

What if I need to cancel a cleaning?

I have very high ceilings with ceiling fans.  How do you clean those?  What about high chandeliers?

What's the difference between your "deep" cleanings and "general" or regular cleanings?




Can I customize my cleaning service?

Of course you can!  Whether it is a couple of rooms or "as required" service - we can handle it.  Maybe you only want your floors and bathrooms done - no problem.  We are here to help make your life easier.  We do have a standard cleaning process we use (we call it rotational cleaning).





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